Monday, September 29, 2014

State Senate Candidate (22) Judithanne McLauchlan In Winnable Race

At a time when academics and scientists are being attacked, it's nice to see a professor fight back.

Judithanne McLauchlan was ranked one of the top 25 professors in Florida while working at the University of South Florida. She has worked in every branch of government, including the Clinton White House, and has all the political saviness required as a former state party field director.

She has served on the board for one of my favorite organizations: the League of Women Voters. (This group has been at the forefront in our battle against voter suppression in this state; and is also responsible for the successful challenge of the gerrymandered legislative maps.) Judithanne has been a fixture on television because of her knowledge of the hot-button issues, and has written a book that explores how members of Congress try to influence Supreme Court decision making.

Imagine. Someone serving in our State Senate who knows how government works AND has the people's best interests at heart.

Senate District 22 is a swing district that tends to lean Democratic. There is NO reason why this district should be red. Her opponent, GOPer Jeff Brandes, is known for sponsoring bills that would allow anyone access to guns during a zombie apocalypse and being the lone vote against Medicaid expansion in the State Senate.

Jeff Brandes, who has taken buckets of money from Duke Energy, is responsible for sponsoring the bill to maintain Duke Energy’s nuclear cost recovery fee. For those of you who don't know, this allows Duke Energy to charge us EVERY MONTH for a nuclear power plant that THEY DECIDED NOT TO BUILD!!

Yes, that really is a thing here. If you are not from Florida, don't ask how that can happen.

Judithanne McLauchlan is neck and neck in the polls with Brandes. Brandes is worth over 10 million and has money pouring in from outside groups to help him defeat Judithanne. The only thing he's been able to attack her on is positions she's never held (No, Jeff, she never supported a state income tax) or a medical bankruptcy she had 25 years ago (And what kind of people are responsible for that, Jeff?)

Judithanne committed the unforgivable GOP crime of getting sick while poor. Lucky for us, it gave her the passion to fight for affordable healthcare for the very people that our so-called legislators are supposed to be looking after. It made her a better candidate and will make her a great state senator!

I wholeheartedly endorse and ask for support for Judithanne McLauchlan. If you agree, support her here:

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