Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rick Scott's "Mystery Man" Exposed

There are a lot of ways to contribute anonymously to political debate. Letting your face be plastered all over television isn't one of them.

I wasn't surprised to read this story of how Rick Scott's "mystery man" in his anti-Crist ad -- the one who said he was defrauded by Scott Rothstein, and implied as heavily as he could that Crist let Rothstein buy judgeships -- was exposed within just a couple of weeks. Among the curious facts: Yes, he was defrauded by Rothstein, but he got all his money back. His attorney is a Scott donor...who also happens to have been good buddies with Rothstein. I'll let you read the rest. The Miami Herald deserves to keep its thunder for this one.

What I will add to this story is the observation that it says a great deal about Rick Scott and his followers. Scott expected those who viewed this ad to blindly accept it and obey the implied, attached order to swerve your vote his way because of it. He never expected anyone to do the very simple searching that was needed to expose this "mystery man" as a fake. Many politicians expect us to be dumb sheep to some extent, but Scott takes that to measures unheard of. He expects us to react to his claims as if he were a CEO and we were employees he could fire at any moment.

Make sure this story gets spread around.


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