Friday, September 26, 2014

Attending Crist Event? Expect Your License Plate To Be Recorded

Little disturbing:

The state Republican Party and Gov. Rick Scott are stonewalling on questions about why the party sent staffers to videotape and photograph the license plate numbers of people attending a fundraiser in Tallahassee for Gov. Rick Scott’s Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist.

Scott and a party spokeswoman both refused to answer questions about the incident today.

This was the private home of Democratic Chair Allison Tant. She appropriately pointed out that the invitations weren't a secret: this wasn't one of Rick Scott's secret Koch meetings. Guests were touted on Facebook and donors listed on the financial report.

It's disturbing but typically this kind of GOP slimy-ness doesn't bother me because we're used to that kind of stuff here.

What bothers me is that these weren't overzeoulous Rick Scott supporters who were doing this (because that mythical creature doesnt' exist).

These were paid state GOP employees send by the Rick Scott campaign:

In an interview, party spokeswoman Susan Hepworth acknowledged the demonstrators and photographers were state GOP employees, but when asked the purpose of the tactic, she wouldn’t give a direct answer,

“That’s what trackers do,” she instead responded. “Did anyone actually say they were intimidated?”

But that’s not, in fact, what trackers do. They don’t normally pay attention to attendees at the events -- in fact, they usually try to remain inconspicuous and avoid interaction with the press or supporters.

Trackers are sent to record politicians at public events. They are not sent to harass and intimidate people.

It's not illegal, just creepy. Just wrong.

And totally Rick Scott.

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