Monday, September 15, 2014

Religious Extremists Successfully Ban Teaching Evolution in School!

Pretty ticked off here. These woman-hating, gay-bashing, minority-opposing, intolerant religious nuts finally went a little too far...


ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Schools

The new curriculum even went so far as to explicitly ban Charles Darwin's theory of evolution...

What a bunch of whackjobs.

Oh wait.. you thought I meant....

Whoa... Whoa... Whoa

C'mon. ISIS are murderous, ethnic-cleansing, evil, ignorant, bottom-dwellers.

Today's GOP is simply willfully ignorant.

But I can understand initially why you read the title and instantly thought this was some GOP, right-wing bullcrap. Things like:

Again, just to crystal clear, you cannot compare America's right-wing nuts to a bona-fide terror group. They are nothing alike (sans the bad English). One group actually threatens to kill teachers who challenge them. The other just fines them 1000s who try to register their students to vote.

Most teabaggers are decent people when you get to know them. Not so the psychopaths running Mosul. In fact, they only have one thing in common: taking pride in hateful ignorance.

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