Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Ray Rice is the bigger victim here!" - FoxNews

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A.J. Delgado was a guest on Hannity, of course. Delgado has made many horrible statements on FOX in the past, like women aren't really raped, but are brainwashed by liberals into thinking they are. (This also explains why conservative women have never been raped, apparently.)

Naturally, Hannity looked at the Ray Rice video and thought, "I know the perfect person everyone wants to hear from about this issue!"

Seriously, what's next, FOX? Hiring admitted racist Mark Fuhrman to discuss the situation in Ferguson?

(What. Wait. Dammit, really???)

So A.J. Delgado went to discuss the delicate intricacies of domestic violence on Hannity, and did not disappoint:

"Some might even say watching that video that Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence here," Delgado told Hannity....

"I think that the key here is she doesn't consider herself a victim of domestic violence," Delgado said, before going off about the "liberal culture of domestic violence advocates that keeps talking about women's rights and empowering women."

Delgado said those calling Janay Rice a victim were in fact being patronizing.

"They're calling a woman a victim who's standing up and saying, 'No, wait I'm not,'" Delgado said. "She's telling us 'I'm not a battered woman. I'm not a victim. Lay off.' And we're going, 'No, yes, you are a victim. You just don't know you are.'"

Liberals. First they try to tell women they shouldn't complain about being sexually harassed, now they are telling women they should accept abuse and model themselves after Janay Rice. Oh, and abortion too. (Lib moraans--rape kits "can clean 'em out" just as good.)

I can't respond to all that is wrong with Hannity and A.J. I certainly don't have time to discuss the festival of ignorance that is FOX. So let me just say two things:

1. There is never, EVER, E.V.E.R, a reason for a man, (especially a large football player), to knock his wife unconscious--much less literally dragging her limpless, uncovered body out across the floor like a sack of wheat.

2. The fact that she accepts her role as a punching bag DOES NOT translate into her being a strong woman!

Of this I know something about. I was an expert on handling domestic violence cases when I was in law enforcement. I even helped draft the citywide policy on this matter.

Tragically, most women who are repeatedly beaten to a pulp (and many times, along with their children) change their minds about pressing charges once the cops arrive. Even though we all knew this would happen again and got a little worse each time, cops usually backed off when the abused insisted everything was all right. The new policy was written to say if there was clear evidence of assault, the abuser got arrested. Period. I know this has saved lives.

I know this is all lost on you A.J. and Sean. It's pointless to argue.

What I really don't understand is why FOX is so determined to defend any and all incidents where a minority or woman is harassed, beaten up, or worse.

Even if you are a total morally bankrupt person trying to somehow argue "for" this, (which you would have to be), who the hell are you trying to reach? People who hate women and other groups are ALREADY strongly in the conservative column. As a pure business decision, why are U catering to this hate-infested vermin you already own just to have your entire network, (and by extension, the conservative ideology), denigrated and mocked on national platforms?

It's because you can't help yourselves. It's like me and sweets. The stuff is killing me, I know it's bad for me, but I eat it anyway. Sweets are to me what hate is to Foxnews: addictive and sickening at the same time.

I can only throw up my hands--which, by the way, is exactly what Mike Brown did in Ferguson. The sheer irony here is if Ray Rice did that to a racist cop instead of beating the crap out of his girlfriend, FOX would not be defending him so passionately.

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