Saturday, September 20, 2014

BUSTED! Rick Scott Caught Using Donor as "Fake Victim"

H/T to Indie Thinker

If you follow FL scandals (and admittedly, there are too many to follow them all), then you might have heard about Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein. The scandal is real and was featured on CNBC's "American Greed". (I find it entertaining, but legislators here use it as a "how to" manual).

Scott Rothstein became very wealthy and donated to the GOP and its many politicians, including then-gov Charlie Crist.

Scott Rothstein was a swindler. He was Republican. But the state GOP saw an opportunity to falesly accuse Crist of somehow being involed in his Ponzi-scheme. The FL GOP spent serious money to run an ad from a "victim" who cries about being "swindeled" by Crist and Rothstein. They ran the ad 4000 times!

The media, and everyone else, asked a very simple, obvious question: Who's the guy?

The ad never said who he was. When asked directly, no one in the GOP or the Scott campaign would say. However, Rick Scott swore he was real and not an actor. He kept saying, "You should ask Charlie [Crist]"; "Why won't Charlie release him?"

Because it was YOUR fake ad, dumbass!

If he was real, why the hell wouldn't they say who he was? The negative ad had an effect in this race pulling down Crist a little, but if he was legitimate, his story alone could have been devastating. The only reason to hide who he is would be the obvious....

It's complete and utter bull****.

The media here had to actually hunt the guy down. Finally, they succeeded. It's Ft. Lauderdale investor Dean Kretschmar. And now we know why Scott kept it a secret:

Kretschmar fails to mention that his Fort Lauderdale lawyer is William R. Scherer, a Scott donor and GOP operative. Rothstein once called Scherer a “mentor.” And Scherer also tried to help get a lenient sentence for Rothstein — the very man Scherer’s client trashes in the ad, which has run about 4,000 times in Florida at a cost of at least $2 million.

“Scott Rothstein,” Kretschmar says in the ad, “swindled a lot of people — me included — bankrupted many families.”

But Kretschmar wasn’t bankrupted.

Kretschmar recouped most of the roughly $8 million that he personally gave Rothstein as part of an investor group known as Razorback.

Crist responded with an ad of his own, but he can't match the millions Scott spent to spread the false ad.

Of course Rick Scott lied. That's all he knows how to do. The irony here is that Rick Scott has actually USED his office to waste BILLIONS o taxpayer money on his crappy, corrupt cronies:

  • Like his buddy whose companies are raking in billions for his Medicaid privatization scheme
  • Or this bastard, a Scott aide, who is receiving massive subsidies for his crappy train, which is the REAL reason Scott rejected federal funds for high-speed rail
  • Or this crony, now a jailbird,who used the Xpressway Authority as his personal play account. Scott rammed him thru on appointment over objections.

    I could go on, but I really don't need to.

    At least we won't be bombarded with that ad now that Rick Scott has been called out on it. Now the GOP can move towards genuine ads directed at their base, like calling Charlie a commie whore who looks like and AIDS victim.

    Despicable, but at least they are being honest this time.

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