Friday, August 29, 2014

Rick Scott Allows Ads on All State Trails (Plus, New UTube Channel)

One of the writers for the Seminole Democrat is the incredibly talented IndieThinker. He writes the widely successful Rick Scott Must Go! installments and is starting to turn some of them into animated videos.

This first one concerns a bill Rick Scott signed and went into effect July 2012. It allows the Department of Environmental Protection (which was led by Scott business crony John Littleton at the time) to place ads on any state trail. (Originally, it was just seven trails, but a later amendment expanded it to all trails.)

Scott did most of his damage in 2011 with cutting 1.3 billion in education (but doubling his budget), his drug testing of all gov. workers scheme, his voter suppression and purging awfulness, his pulling funding of sick and disabled kids, etc. etc. etc. Yet 2012 was hardly a stellar year for this state. Our legislature, completely ignoring our seniors, veterans, and uninsured, found time to debate: Jay-Z lyrics, a 24-hour waiting period for abortions, a requirement for doctors to describe "fetal pain", pit bulls, and of course, bills that made it easier for Rick Scott to destroy the environment.

Compared to Rick Scott's other environmental crimes, like allowing fracking in the Everglades, literally destroying our springs, or allowing polluters to dump, this is small by comparison. Yet it really says something when you, as a Florida citizen, feel relieved that your governor is at least not destroying our beautiful lands as much as he could be. That is disturbing.

Well, he's only allowing 4-16 foot billboards. Phew. At least he's not turning them into golf courses yet.

You can watch Indie's video here. He is posting new ones every day, so consider subscribing.

I hope they will soon be outdated, hilarious fodder for a horrible era. That depends on how many of us GOTV this November.


  1. Thanks!! And since you gave me these props I'll just give a link for the latest in this comment, for now:

    It's on the auto tag fees.

  2. Thanks for the prolife ads on Rick I know I am definitely voting for Rick Scott....yay.