Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Requesting Your Attendance or Support: FL Blogger and Candidate Meetup

All are welcome to this free event who are interested in kicking out the GOP in Tallahassee and DC. Bloggers, candidates, activists, and pretty much anyone else who wants change in Tallahassee is invited. There will be an inside blogging station (so bring your laptops if you want) and a PA system, podium for speakers and candidates. If you want to speak, let me know. The politicians, candidates, and issue advocates will get time allotted with remaining time divided amongst attendees interested.

It will be nice to meet you. I hope you can come. This event is being hosted by a popular FL blogger Vetwife, who is generously offering her house in Inverness. She has run many of these in the past.

--AUGUST 9, 2014
--Starts at 10 am to early evening. Speakers start at 1:00pm. Come and go as you please
--Inverness, Florida (message me (or Vetwife) on Dkos if you are coming, or you can email me @ emeraldcoast2000@yahoo.IE (not .com), or post in comments if you are coming. I will provide you the exact address. This also helps for planning purposes.)

If you can't come, please donate. Although Gordon, a blogger/activist who is coming down from Virginia after a Moral Monday stop in Asheville, will be providing the food, a lot of people are coming. The entire event is being done by disabled veterans and advocates , and they aren't rich. Even small stuff like bottled water for the amount of people coming adds up.

If you can't donate, then please support us. Post this to your blog, facebook, twitter, or other media to get the word out.

A few things to know:

 photo Koller_for_Congress_zps5c0e7859.jpg

1. DC Koller (D), District 11, will also be attending this meetup. David Koller is Democratic challenger to Rep. Richard Nugent. He is running for House of Representatives against Rich Nugent...you know Rich, the tea party congressman wanting to impeach President Obama.

2. Koller has contacting the Crist Camp on our behalf. I heard from one of Crist's people that he is interested and is trying to fit it in, so we will see. UPDATE: His staff contacted us seeking an agenda and he is planning on coming! He said he is going to win or lose based on grassroots!!  photo rickcover_zpsbc91c0cc.jpg

3. David A. Kearns (D), District 53, is attending our meetup. David is a longtime activist and has written several books, including "Rick Scott: Enemy of the State", available on Amazon.com. He is taking on John Tobia in District 53. The Orlando Sentinel has said District 53 deserves better than Tobia, who the paper criticized for repeatedly making "inappropriate comments about women in his lectures". GOP Congressman John Tobia won with just a few percentage points--we can beat him.

4. Kossacks (DailyKos bloggers) and prominent Florida bloggers from all over Florida are coming.

5. Jim Bryan, 1st District candidate, is taking on a tea party Congressman and is coming with Koller. Jim served in Vietnam with distinction.

6. Just got note from Gwen Graham, daughter of Gov. Bob Graham and current Congressional candidate for FL House District 2, is planning on attending if her schedule permits.

7. Children are Welcome. Vetwife is planning activities for them. Also, the pool will be open.

8. Joe Murray, House candidate for District 51 is attending.

9. Florida Veteran advocates, Medical MJ advocates, Occupy, and other reps coming.

10. We are planning on an Indian style Bonfire in the evening.

11. You don't have to bring anything, but if you want to bring a dish, or water, or a Styrofoam cooler with ice feel free.

12. This is a family-friendly gathering. NO stress. We are planning on live music, food and a good time for all.

13. Congresswoman Lois Frankel's staff is working for a Skype session. That may happen.

I've gotten more emails and messages from the staff of other incumbents, candidates and prominent bloggers saying they try to come but I won't list them as confirmed until it happens. I will update this post as they do. Let us know if you are coming. I really hope to meet a lot of you in person. Be there! Also, see Vetwife's diary on the event: here

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  1. The food was hands down the best wedding food I have ever tasted. We had many of our guests come up to us during the reception and comment as to how delicious the food was.