Sunday, August 24, 2014

Families Stranded in Woods because Rick Scott Literally Ran Away from Questions

Rick Scott is so well-known for dodging questions that his ridiculous antics to avoid them are a story unto itself.

One that hasn't gotten much press is what happened when citizen journalist, author, and current State House candidate (District 53) David A. Kearns tried to ask a few questions at a photo op of Rick Scott. Kearns had gotten wind that Scott would be with supporters at Hillborough River State Park. The decision to have it at all at the state park was a bit of irony, since Scott earlier tried to close it down, along with 52 other parks. (Several of the survivors he wanted turned into golf courses with hotels. No kidding.)

The photo op was as usual: Rick Scott surrounded by friendly, white, republican supporters while he tried his best to look and act like his view of the straw-chewing, unwashed masses. He played dressup, complete with a ranger outfit. He did his level-best impersonation as a blue collar worker who supposedly picked up trash and spread mulch. (Odd, because no one saw him do that and there are no photos. Just take his word, idiots.)

In the afternoon, Scott was allowed to conduct a tour on a haywagon for his GOP guests of the Fort Foster Historic Site. According to his website, it went just swimmingly. In reality, it was a nightmare.

David Kearns had a few questions to ask the governor, but didn't want to embarrass the governor in front of the families who were on the trip. Scott's press guy, Lane Wright, didn't recognize David and asked which group he was with. David told him he was a citizen journalist and wanted to ask a few quick questions with the governor. He was told how "inappropriate" that was.

After a few minutes of activity with his iPhone, he told David that citizen journalists are not "serious" journalists, so no access would be provided. (As if media journalists get treated better.)

David kept pressing. Wright demanded to know the types of questions. Dave told him--budget cuts, prison privatization and the like. Wright then huddles with Scott and his handlers. They run around a little bit. Dave goes to seek some shade in the sun. In that instant, Rick Scott and his entire staff took off like mad men, ditching the entire group.

The confused guests hopped back on the hayride and tried to make it back. Within a few yards, the truck pulling them broke down.

The driver tells everyone they have to walk the entire distance back. Elderly men and women, toddlers, and entire families were forced to walk in 95 degree heat over a quarter of a mile and across a busy state road to get back. By the time everyone finally did get back, Rick had already held his press conference and took off.

Some of the group questioned the timeliness of the breakdown, and others were just furious that they had been stranded. Seems that even supporters of Scott who get to know him hate him as well.