Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Endorsement for School Board Districts: Frank Curcio (1) and Gracia Miller (2)

Both Frank Curcio (District 1) and Gracia Miller (District 2) have been endorsed by Seminole UniServ, the umbrella organization for several groups that support public education. Given the attacks our public schools have been under from the Rick Scott regime, (so he can enrich his failing charter school buddies), we need strong advocates on the board.

Two unions have endorsed Frank Curcio, who is a member of the Science Teacher Association. Frank also wants to take out standardized testing. The union support and his belief in science (which yes, is a thing now I actually have to watch for) means he gets the endorsement. His endorsement also proves that I will back GOP candidates if they are the best in the race.

Besides the Seminole Uniserv endorsement, she is a Democrat so you know she won't put up with indoctrination like this or stupidity like this.

Hattip to Howard Mass and IBHolly

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