Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finally! CNN Calls Fox News LIARS!

It's almost 15 years late, but I was wondering when a real news organization would ever call out the obvious fraud on anything. If you are like me, you've been frustrated that an obvious propoganda arm that has no journalistic integrity whatsover has been allowed to pretend otherwise.

In fact, Fox News has been a bully.. using its pundits to go after any real news organization that gets in its way, or dares to challenge their phony "fair and balanced" meme.

But Fox News hit a little too hard against CNN. And Nic Robertson had had enough.

Fox News claimed that Reuters crews and CNN were lured into being "human shields" by Khadafi's buses that toured the destruction in Tripoli to prevent allied forces from bombing.

Nic Robertson lost it:

Outrageous and absolutely hypocritcal.
When you come to somwhere like Libya, you expect lies and deceit from a dictatorship. You do not expect it from the other journalists.

He rants about Fox News claiming that they refused to send anyone on the bus because it was all propoganda. But they did, and Nic calls them on this lie.

They sent a Fox News toadie to go along with the 40 real journalists with a hand-held camera who even admitted to them that he had no idea why they sent him.

I urge you to watch the video. You can see his anger building as he talks. He basically says he has no idea why the hell Fox News is even there. The FAUX correspondent NEVER LEAVES HIS HOTEL ROOM!

I see him [Steve Harrigan] more times at breakfast than I see him out on trips.

I don't know who he's talking to here to pick up and find out what the story is. When we go on these government trips... it is for a simple reason. We don't want government officials to film it themselves, edit it themselves, and hand it off to us. We want to look for ourselves...That's why we go. BECAUSE WE ARE NEWS PROFESSIONALS!

This follows Bill Keller, chief editor for the NYT, on his comments going after not only Fox but their idiot viewers.

When Fox cried about it, I loved his statement:

I don't think anyone at Fox believes they are producing even-handed, impartial coverage," he said. "...To say otherwise, to pretend to be something else, does strike me as cynical."

Colbert did a funny take on it:

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