Sunday, March 06, 2011

How Bad is "Hair"odoplos? REDSTATE calls him corrupt!

You've hit rock bottom when these lemings call you out for corruption:

Mike Haridopolos: Another Corrupt Overly Coiffed Politician Running For The U.S. Senate

...My advice to Senator Haridopolos is to

a) Quit running for U.S. Senate and concentrate on the job you are getting paid for by the People of Florida.

b) Once your term is up, Go into the private sector and see how the real world lives (My God, the man only knows academia or elected politics) and

c) If you are going to write a tome for academia, for pete’s sake put some effort into it. You latest example doesn’t even meet the standards of a paper written by a Freshman on a Florida State Football Full Athletic Scholarship who got his Girlfriend to write it for him the night before it was due.

My advice to Florida Republicans: Do not elect this man...

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