Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How Much of a Monster Is Rick Scott?

People need to know just how much of a MONSTER Rick Scott really is. I don't use that word lightly. How evil is he?

Forget gutting education, high-speed rail, and the litany of abuses I've documented in my series. (The goddamned legislative session hasn't even started yet!)

This one example really hits home.

Florida was hit extra hard by the recession, with the GOP focused for years on giveaways that only benefit the superwealthy, the working class saw sky-high unemployment and the worst housing crisis in the nation.

Homeless children in this state have reached an epidemic proportion. It's so bad that the CBS show 60 minutes showed a heart-breaking tale from my own Seminole County (where I get the name SemDem).

You can watch it here if you are interested.

It's the kind of story that would make most people misty-eyed. But what does Florida's Mr. Burns want to do? The criminal that the teabaggers put into office?

Completely eliminate ALL homeless help in this state!

The contempt he has for the homeless is so great, he is even cutting a homeless awareness day, designed to bring attention to the plight of the families in our state that are living in thier cars in Wal-Mart parking lots, which costs NO MONEY WHATSOEVER.

Fucking. Monster.

(Again, I'm not exaggerating. I met a mom with her two daughters begging for money at the Wal-Mart on Colonial Dr., and one entire family living in a van at the Sanford Wal-Mart.)

Even if you think the $7 million that helped the 74,000 people last year is too generous, how can you, Mr. Teabagger, justify our governor demanding an extra $343 million for his OWN OFFICE BUDGET?


If didn't make it to the Awake the State rally, then donate your time, write a letter to the editor, volunteer to canvass, contribute, or at the very least, DON'T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP TO OTHERS. Get Pissed Off.

I am.


  1. he says he wants to run florida like a business...I am a business owner, and as such, I know when times are hard I make sure my employees are paid, bills are paid, and if anything is left i am paid....tell me is Rick Scott collecting a paycheck every week? Count on it. Who elected this person? Bet they are all crappin their pants now...they are losing or soon to be losing their jobs...maybe he will let em move in with him!!!!!

  2. This guy is a real ashore. He post everyone salary online what kind of an idiot is he. Yet you can't find his salary online.

  3. Just how is the governor protecting homeowners from high insurance rates? Insurance companies got the ok to raise rates 27% on average. My Homeowners Ins. has gone up over 60% Thanks for NOTHING! Governor Scott.

  4. vote the bum out or have a recall drive!