Friday, September 19, 2008

Hannity Asks the Tough Questions; Colmes Hits Hard

Of course, this diary title is the same as McCain's desperate advertising campaign. Complete, utter, LIE.

McCain has lied so much he has broken precedent. (You know you are bad when Rove tells you to stop.)

But Hannity wanted to give Sarah Palin a chance to finally address the "lies" against her:

HANNITY: How you dealing with some of the harsh attacks against you? Let me give you a couple of examples.

PALIN: Oh, thanks. Good.

HANNITY: Well, I'm glad to do it.

I know, gag me. Barack Obama went on a tough interview with O'Lielly at Faux News, and there were damn sure no kid gloves with him. But is there SERIOUSLY the GOP talking point left that this sheltered governor of Alaska is more prepared than Obama?!?

Barack went toe to toe and beat Bill. The sheltered governor of Alaska wouldn't take any questions from weak-ass ALAN COLMES.

Alan didn't get to ask ONE question. He was only allowed to introduce the segments!!

COLMES: Coming up Governor Sarah Palin talks about the role faith plays in her life and why Ronald Reagan continues to be her inspiration.
We now continue with Sean's exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin.

Any respect at all, and it was already near 0, for Colmes was completely erased because of this interview. There is no question why he is there as Fox's token "liberal". What a pathetic existence.

With no balance whatsoever, we got treated to loaded questions like:

Why do we need to win in Iraq? Just get right to the bottom line. Why is losing not an option?

I can play that game too. I would ask, "Is it OK to force our troops to provide security for the corrupt and inept Iraqi government indefinetly while giving them 10 billion a month in taxpayer dollars? Even if they never decide they want to take over? Or, the opposite, even if they say they want us out?"

OR just ask: "When in your mind can they leave?" IF she says something stupid, like "When the job is done", just ask "OK--how do you know the job is done?" But this is the question I've wanted them to ask Bush for five years.

NO. She got questions like this:

Let me ask you this. Senator Obama had talked about people in Pennsylvania, while he was in San Francisco, as being bitter Americans, clinging to guns and clinging to religion.

Do you think that was a putdown of middle class people in the country?

MY God, is this REALLY a news network? REALLY?

But then Hannity got mad. He demanded--OK, I'm doing it again. He asked her to address concerns people had--but pretty much answered them for her:

HANNITY: Never part of an effort to secede — have Alaska secede from the Union?

PALIN: No. False. Always been a Republican, not been a part of a party that has wanted to secede.

NO, but you supported them, attended their conventions, and your psycho HUSBAND was a member.

HANNITY: Did you rigidly support it and did you change your view on it? Because the Democrats are saying, no, no, no, she originally supported it and she said she said she opposed it.

PALIN: Well, I killed the Bridge to Nowhere. And you know, I think I ruffled some feathers there, also, with our congressman who had been requesting that bridge for so many years.

STILL LYING!! Anyone who still believes she killed the bridge to nowhere deserves a McCain Palin administration (or Palin/McCain). Every news organization, even WSJ, even Murdoch's AP has called this a lie. But credibility means nothing when you go to Hannity's Fox.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Please donate to Obama. I can't take 4 more years.


  1. I like the blog heading, clever!

    I am sure I gave Palin a fair shake by watching her speech at the RNC and tuning into her interview with Charles Gibson. I'd be willing to hear her out again. But since she decided to forego another real interview to go with Sean Insanity instead, I refused to watch.

  2. charging for rape kits--what kind of monster mayor does that?