Monday, September 01, 2008

Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan mock Sarah Palin

This is what they really think of her:

Ouch! She "won't work", her qualifications are a joke, and she is an insult to HRC supporters. Oh, and by the way, Obama "validated himself with 18 million votes." and built an excellent campaign (their words). Not to mention has impressed all of the world leaders he met with his intelligence and policy plans (unlike Dumbass W or his wannabe McCain).

Not 3 hours later, these guys were spinning thier wheels off. Sarah Palin now has all of this imagined "executive experience" as a failed mayor of a hick town, and she suddenly has been granted "foreign-policy experience" because, (get this), her state is "close to Russia" and "borders CANADA!".

Hillarious!! I guess the mayor of my hometown in Winter Springs has foreign policy experience because we are so close to Cuba. For that matter, everyone in public office in any state that borders Canada or Mexico can now consider themselves an expert in foreign affairs. Come to think of it, since I am a manager at a major defense contractor, AND I am a couple hundred miles from Cuba--I CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT!! I have more experience than ANYONE RUNNING!!

Vote for the Seminole Democrat! I'm qualified because I'm not a Senator!

I approve this message.

PS--Poor, poor Romney. Must feel like Carol McCain. Left by John for a trophy.

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  1. It was great to watch this video of Buchanan and Scarborough's clear-eyed analysis of the lunacy of the Palin pick for VP.

    I think they later drank the Republican Kool-aid.