Saturday, September 06, 2008

Anti-Sarah Palin Ad

Palin was supposed to be in Florida today. But the McCain camp is terrified that she will "make a mistake" so they are having her stay with him as McSame campaigns through Pennsylvannia and Wisconsin. They also announced that she will not be giving any interviews until the election is over.

That's right. Ms. "I'm ready for day one" can't even be trusted to go off by herself.

As usual, my fellow Dems are taking the spineless approach and refuse to run any ads attacking her. They had two for Romney and Pawlenty, but Ms. China Doll is too delicate and the GOP might call the DNC sexist.

God I wish there was a third party. Same Dem ideals, but held by people with spines.

My idea is based on the following facts:

1. You CAN attack Palin--and you MUST. I know she's #2 but she has breathed new life into the cryptkeeper and the army of soccons that propelled Bush has awakened. You just can't attack her the same way a 527 can. See below.

2. Don't harp on experience--DON'T FALL FOR THIS TRAP! I would let the media harp on that. DNC/Obama attacking experience allows the GOP to respond with false attacks on the top of our ticket that we will have to spend time rebutting, AND it could backfire by some swing voters by building the very sympathy the GOP is looking for by tearing into a qualified small state governor.

3. Leave family alone. No brainer. I love the stickers that mention the hypocricy of abstinence only, but that's where they should stay.
Leave AIP alone--at least from the DNC. An ad showing what the founder said about hating America, and then mentioning the fact that her husband was a member and she certainly was a supporter would be VERY effective--for a 527. (Not to mention pointing out that someone who wants to leave the US had no trouble taking hundreds of millions from taxpayers.)

4. HIT HER ON HER RECORD. This is more than fair game, and there is plenty to hit her on.

5. HIT HER ON HER RIGHT-WING VIEWS. They are beyond scary, and voters have NO idea how bad.

Run this in a swing state (like say, FLORIDA). Something like this:

Who is Sarah Palin?

As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin took over with a balanced budget, but left it over $22 million in debt, even after she pushed through a massive sales tax which taxed everything, even food.

Dangerous. As mayor, the council had to step in to prevent her from firing people she didn't want. She even tried to fire a librarian for refusing to remove books Palin deemed "offensive".

But it didn't stop there. In her short term as governor, Palin is under investigation by her own Republican state legislature for "abuse of power".

Extreme. Sarah Palin believes that a woman should be forced to bear child even in cases of assault and the mother's health. She opposes stem cell research in all cases, sued to keep endangered species off the list, and even said that the Iraq war was a "task from GOD".

WHY did John McCain pick Sarah Palin, a person he barely knew, especially when there were so many qualified women to choose from? The same reason he votes with Bush 90 percent of the time.

Bad Judgment.

And we can't afford 4 more years.

I was going to suggest the pictures that go with the words, but no doubt several popped in your head as you read it. It's a rough draft, but what I did was hit Sarah HARD on the issues, and with the last few lines tried to drive the point home that it's NOT that she is a woman--she is a dangerous, incompetent, extremist that shows bad judgment by McCain-AGAIN.

Let me know what you think. By the way, if you YouTube hounds have your own ideas, make a video and PUT IT OUT THERE. It looks like that will be the only response we get. If you like my idea, take it. Make whatever adjustments you want. I don't care about credit, I just want to win.

thanks and GB


  1. i agree. what can we do?
    do you know of other organizations doing
    anti-palin ads?
    they need to be fierce, show her right wing
    views and polar bears.

  2. Don't lose the "audacity of hope." Obama will pull this thing out.

  3. francis, DONATE to They are preparing to fight back.

    Obama made a big mistake rejecting 527 help!

  4. Has anyone published Palin's educational credentials? Is she a high school graduate or better.

  5. You can "attack" sarah palin with the simple facts. is my contribution to this very important election. I aplogize if this forum is not the proper venue, however i'm trying to let people know that they can find out who sarah palin is and where she stands.

  6. Thank you Jlamber!!