Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tax Plan Comparison-Email this to EVERYONE

JOHN MCCAIN LIES when he says Barack will raise everyone's taxes. EMAIL this to everyone you know. It's a breakdown of the proposals from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center as reported by the Washington Post and includes the cool graphic below.

Under John McSame, the wealthiest Americans get the largest tax cut. The middle class gets almost nothing.

Under Barack Obama, the people who NEED help, the middle class, get a large tax cut while he restores the tax rate for those making over 2.87 million back to what they were pre-Bush.

John McSame's tax plan is not only UNFAIR, it can't work. We have record defecits, meaning there is no way we can afford another trillion dollar tax cut that mostly helps the wealthy. That is how we got INTO this mess to begin with. Trickle-down economics, giving to the rich and stealing from the poor, caused the recession of 1990 and it caused the mess we are in now.

Barack's plan to help the middle class CAN work because he balances it with the tax revenue from the super-wealthy.

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