Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ask a McCain Supporter ONE Thing...

Why do you support John McCain?

I promise you that you will get a litany of Obama smear. You will get a bunch of outright lies or picking apart of any number of plans that he has put forward.

Listen closely to the drivel on talk radio. Listen closely to the answer you get--and you will notice ONE thing.

NOT one McCain supporter will say why he wants to be president. NOT one McCain supporter will tell you what his policies are, or the direction he wants to take the country.

All you will hear is something about Obama.

That is because that is the entire point of the McCain campaign and the GOP apparatus--to stay in power. They can't say they support everything Bush does--tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation and stripping of oversight, staying in Iraq indefinetly...

They are wrong on EVERYTHING. There is no daylight between the positions Bush has and McCain has, so they resort to the only thing they have left. FEAR and SMEAR.

And that is all you undecideds need to know for this election.

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