Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congratulations Obama!

He won the debate.

I am a partisan, and I'm certain there are those on the other side who will say McCain won. And yes, there were no knockout blows, they both deflected the others' criticism, and neither one said a Palin-like gaffe that would have killed the campaign.

Although CNN and CBS had polls afterwards that Obama had performed better, I think most analysts are calling it a tie.

BUT that does not change the fact that Obama won the debate.


Because McCain NEEDED TO WIN. He needed to hit this out of the park. He needed a game-changer. There are no more for him. The conventions are over, the veeps selected--the only thing left are the debates.

Palin will not be able to take down Biden. She will be lucky to be left standing. McCain will NOT be able to tangle with Obama on the economy. It's over. There are no more game-changers left.

The only chance McCain had was to knock out Obama on his supposed strong suit--foreign policy.

And he didn't. Most polls are showing Obama won--but in fact, at best, it was a tie. McCain is bleeding in the polls, he didn't need a tie-he needed a win. A big win.

And that is why Obama won.


  1. Hi, it's good to see someone else in the Deep South who thinks the way I do. I am in south Alabama, near Mobile, fresh from the great state of Ohio, and wow...what a culture shock! At this time, I am in the process of registering to vote here in Alabama, although, being a Democrat, it's kind of like pissing in the wind. In Ohio, my vote could make a difference; here, not so much. This dang electoral college needs to go, too. It may have served a purpose at the time of our Founding Fathers, but now it is just unfair.

    Had I arrived here in time for it to matter, I might have had a blog similar to yours. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is running for senate reelection and he just plain needs to go. It will be my pleasure to cast a vote for his able and brilliant female opponent. All my life, I have been fascinated by Deep South politics, particularly Alabama, so it is going to be a TRIP actually to vote in Alabama!

    I look forward to reading more posts of yours on here. Keep up the good work, and I pray Florida (and Ohio) both go blue this year. I'd pray for Alabama to do the same, but to quote Animal House, "That could take years and cost millions of lives". :(

  2. Hello friend!!

    MY sister lives in Dothan Alabama. She is the only one in her neighborhood with an Obama sign.

    Keep up the good fight. You would be surprised how many democrats there are around you.

    And PS--PLEASE do a blog! I'll be happy to support you and link to it. I'm sure the Dems around you would like to have a place to find like-minded folks. See if your county's Dem party would like to have a blog for their website.

    GOOD luck!