Saturday, March 22, 2014

America's Dumbest Congressman Attacks SNL on House Floor for 6 Year-Old Palin Skit

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Tea Party Congressman Louie Gohmert has earned his title of America's dumbest Congressman.

A small sampling of his greatest hits:

and, up till now, my personal favorite: But I may have a new favorite. Two days ago, Louie discovered an old skit parading Sarah Palin's bid to be vice president....

The skit, which aired in September 2008, is a classic that I got to enjoy again. Its the now-famous one of Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler playing Sarah and Hillary while poking fun at Sarah Palin's clear unreadiness as well as Hillary Clinton's ambition.

A little slow as always, Uncle Louie was so incensed upon seeing this old sketch that he declared on the House floor, just this past Thursday, that he would like to set the record straight on how smart Palin really is. He did this by reading the entire skit ver batim so it can be part of the Congressional Record and painstakingly correcting the "errors" with actual quotes!

His dry delivery of the sketch was worthy of its own parady:

Poor Gohmert.

He has apparently never heard of satire.

Joe Biden never actually said "You dopes got schooled Biden-style!" McCain never called Obama "Pee-pee pants". Obama also never went on national television to say the census was revised to find people who oppose Obamacare.

Even if I didn't like the skits, as a Congressman, I wouldn't go on the House floor to correct these "errors". But I get satire. Sketch comedy shows build skits from an established perception of a politician: they almost never use a politician's exact words.

In Sarah Palin's case, however, they actually did. The OTHER famous sketch with Sarah Palin involved her notorious interview with Katie Couric. SNL didn't need satire. It copied the interview almost word-for-word:

Since the Texas Congressman thinks that defending a failed candidate and Fox News pundit from 2008 pre-election satire is currently the most pressing issue facing his constituents, I would challenge him to do the same with this sketch.

Its rare when a politician is so inept that comedians can just use their own words without embellishment. Lucky for them, Sarah Palin is just such a politician. Its just too bad that Gohmert isn't a more prominent one, or they could get a goldmine that rivals even her.

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