Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ultimate List of Bumper Sticker Slogans Against Rick Scott

If you have any other ideas, post them in comments section.


1. Rick Scott: Proving why criminals shouldn't run governments

2. Rick Scott: Florida's New Jim Crow

3. Denies Healthcare To Millions, Pays $30 a Month for His Own!

4. Rick Scott: Believes Regulations are for Women's Bodies, Not Corporations

5. Vote Rick Scott. Closest You Will Get to Screwing Your Teacher.

6. How Can We Deny Ex-Felons The Vote If We Allow a Criminal To Be Governor?

7. Dogs Aren't Disposable Rick! But You Are!

8. Rick Scott Needs To Inspect Florida Prisons... From The Inside

9. Rick Scott: Being Qualified Is So Overrated

10. My Governor Can Outslime Your Governor!

11. Vote Rick Scott. I Hate Florida.

12. Stand Your Ground Against Rick Scott.

13. Our Governor Cuts Millions for Disabled Kids, Gives to Corporate Backers

14. Rick Scott: Cut 1.3 Billion in Education to Waste on Corporate Welfare

Superfly awesome!


  • Rick Scott Hates Medicare. Except When He's Ripping It Off.
  • Rick Scott /Scott Tissue..Both asswipes
  • Rick Scott should be making license plates, not issuing them
  • Rick Scott: Stealing from Seniors for Decades
  • Spent $73 million to keep you in poverty
  • Rick Scott: You weren't voting anyway
Feel free to steal any of these either for your blog, signs for rallies, tweets, or make products with them--bumper stickers, buttons, tees, etc.

The winners were made into actual products on zazzle:

Royalties will go towards defeating Rick Scott in November. If you want a specific product option not available, put in comments or contact us.

Let's be Scott-free this November.

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