Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deconverting Scott Voters

Some time back I posted comments about how hard a time I had finding an intelligent Rick Scott supporter. I've also commented on reasons why people might vote for Scott, and ignorance was at the top of the list. Many of my encounters with Scott supporters prove this is the case, and tell us that there's a way to change their minds.

I had a talk with a not-too-unreasonable guy of late, who said he was voting for Scott because a) he couldn't stand Crist, and b) Scott "did what he said he would do." I didn't have time to talk to him for too long, so I drew a few things from memory from my list and told him about them.

I usually start by telling people how Scott wanted to disband the Florida Highway Patrol. This is a great account to give people, because everyone in Florida has seen the FHP at work and knows what they do. They may not always like them (especially after a speeding ticket) but as a whole, their image is a good one.

It's also good to use because no one's ever heard about it. And my friend's jaw hit the floor when I told him about it.

Then I told him about a couple of Scott's lies from his State of the State speech this year. In particular, I related the one about Scott lying about Florida's fourth graders being second in the worlds at reading. That had him shaking his head.

In the end, I didn't have time to do more, but at the very least, I expect this guy may now vote third party instead. And that's fine, if it's someone who would have voted for Scott otherwise.

The point is that yes, we can change people's minds about Rick Scott, if we get the truth out. My list of non-partisan reasons is now at 195, after an update after this original post. When it reaches 200, I won't stop collecting, but I will start presenting those reasons in a new way that will let people spread them around even more.

It can be done. As usual, we just need to get out there and do it. The real problem (as always!) is getting people mad enough to get up and vote. And that's why I created the list.

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