Thursday, January 07, 2010

Crist Admits Senate Campaign Distracts Him

File this under Obvious:
Crist acknowledged "it's certainly possible" that his intense focus on raising millions of dollars as a Senate candidate diverted attention from his duties as chief executive of the nation's fourth-most populous state.

Crist is MIA on every major to minor issue facing this state, because his current position like all of his others are seen only as stepping stones to higher office and nothing more. For most of last year and this year, we will be treated to campaign Charlie as he desperately tries to ward off Marc Rubio instead of making the tough choices he was elected to make.

So more “tax cuts for corporations” and other conservative bullet points while our State sinks deeper into the abyss. (Note to Charlie—our corporate taxes are already among the lowest in the nation. That’s not the problem…but you know that right?) Unfortunately, we will have to wait until November before we have a leader for Florida. I hope its Sink but frankly anybody, including a trained monkey, would be more focused on the state of our State than Charlie is.

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