Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now I Can Say It: I Am Glad Coakley Lost

I almost wrote this earlier today, but I decided I just couldn't attack a Democrat in a crucial election, not with everyone here trying so hard.

But it's over, so I can say it. I'm glad it happened.

I am not a bad Democrat. Far from it.

But this had to happen. Not just because Scott Brown campaigned his ass off while Coakley just assumed it was enough to be Democrat and coast, it had to happen because NOW finally, maybe, we can stop playing the "WE NEED 60 TO GET ANYTHING DONE".

Guess what, we no longer have that excuse.

I remember arguing with people on this very site that we had to capitulate and capitulate and capitulate because we needed 60 votes--otherwise we would get nothing.

I had to suffer and watch everything we worked so hard for last November, including our signature legislation, get held hostage AND REWRITTEN by the likes of Lieberman and Nelson.

I had to watch that coward REID say that he wouldn't do anything without 60 votes, and take Reconciliation off the table.

He wouldn't even THREATEN to alter the ridiculous fillibuster to 55 votes, which would have at least turned the tables a bit during the debate.

Now we have Coburn, DeMint, and the Diaper-Boy Vitter fillibustering EVERYTHING in the Senate, even votes that get 95-5 in the end.

And we Dems see our spineless leadership taking it again and again.

This is not just a wake-up call, this is slamming the alarm clock against the wall.

Here's an idea Rahm and Reid...go give the people what they want and foget the minority! Remember the public option, that had overwhelming support? Maybe throwing it overboard wasn't such a good idea...nor is forcing people to buy insurance and NOT allowing competition!

And you wonder why we lost?

Democrats did NOT just bust their ass and spend their precious time and money November 08 so we could capitulate to the minority party on everything. It was embarrassing. And if Coakley had won, we would have gotten the same treatment on everything: financial reform, climate change, gay civil rights, etc.

We have NO reason to capitulate anymore.

We have NO reason to suck up to Lieberman.

It's Reconciliation or change the rules. Or nothing gets done.

The Dem leadership is going to have to finally learn how to get tough and lead...There is simply NO other alternative.

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