Sunday, January 24, 2010

59-41 means mandate for GOP?

Remember 2000? With the slimmest majority and contested election, the GOP rammed through legislation using budget reconciliation. Tax cuts were given to the superwealthy while the Democrats stood feckless. The GOP wasn't punished in 2004, in fact, they gained seats.

Then when they wanted to ram through extremist, unqualified, right-wing psycho judges in 2005, they smacked down the Democrats who tried to pull the fillibuster by threatening to go "nuclear". They said they would rewrite the rules to allow 51.

Son of a bitch if the press didn't swallow thier storyline that they just wanted an "up or down" vote and Dems were being "obstructionist". Why couldn't we get it through our thick heads that elections have consequences?!

As always, we capitulated on the worst judges if they promised to play nice.

Well, here we are in 2010. Even with losing MA, we still have the LARGEST MAJORITY any party has enjoyed since 1923!!

And we are the ones who are capitulating!!

I had to listen to Barack Obama give a speech not to long ago, and say off the cuff that "as you know, it takes 60 votes in the Senate to get anything passed".

WTF?!? Why the hell aren't we screaming about straight "up or down" votes?! Unlike in 2005, when we only fillibustered extreme judges, the GOP is fillibustering EVERYTHING!! Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, and David "Diaper Boy" Vitter fillibuster EVERY SINGLE BILL, even ones that pass 90-10.

Why isn't our spineless leadership raising cane about this??! Why can't we go "nuclear"? What are they gonna do that they haven't done already?

Why don't we use reconciliation to get things through?!? WHY are still playing nice?

We tried bi-partisanship. Baucus wasted months desperately trying to get ONE GOPer to support our obviously broken health-care system. We capitulated on every major point in the Senate Bill thanks to spineless Reid. And what did we get? NOT one GOPer voted for the Senate Bill. One GOPer voted for the House Bill.

So Gibbs is saying we need more bi-partisanship?? WTF??

Pelosi is saying she doesn't have the votes so she isn't going to try to pass the Senate Bill and use reconciliation to fix she's okay with starting over?? WTF??

Obama is STILL refusing to get involved in "the legislative process"?? Says he'll just pass a few token items after ALL OF THIS MESS we went through last year?? WTF??


The largest majority in nearly a century and we are helpless.

THAT is why we lost..and why we will keep losing. Because the base, me, is wondering what the hell is the point to all of this. AFter busting tail in 2008, we can't get one piece of signature legislation because of ONE reasoon...POOR LEADER SHIP!!

I give up. I am no longer a Democrat...

Don't call me until you get your act together.

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