Thursday, December 31, 2009

Counter on Facebook: Americans Against Teabags

I can't stand the hypocricy.

Where were the Tea Party Conservatives when george W. completely erased the budget surplus he inherited from Bill Clinton?

He first went on a drunken spending spree in healthcare (Medicare Part D), which was funded ENTIRELY by deficit spending and cost over a trillion dollars. Of course, the new healthcare working its way through is deficit neutral, AND costs less.

Then there is the giant welfare state W. had in Iraq. We left money in giant pallets that disappeared. We spent hundreds of billions building roads, bridges, schools, etc. But now that Obama wants to spend a fraction of that amount to build our OWN crumbling infrastructure, the teabags are screaming socialism. Nice.

The tax giveaways to Big Oil, Bill Polluters, and the super wealthy? All fine and dandy in GOP land. Helping people save thier jobs, homes, and retirement? That calls for massive protests in DC baby. (And the Metro better be up and running for that protest--not that we support public transportation).

PS--the bailouts you teabaggers hate? Started by W. And he demanded NO transparency as to what was to be done with the money. Thankfully, by then even the cowards in Congress had enough rolling over and put in a very little oversight--(sadly, that was as much standing up as we saw during the dark years).

I invite you to join the group. I think it's good to let people know there is an opposition to something that is really so stupid and silly.

Americans Against Teabags

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