Monday, January 18, 2010

Tim Tebow, Jim Dobson Can GO F*** Themselves

Really Tebow?

An anti-abortion rights diatribe for a right-wing hate group on Superbowl Sunday? It kills me that the ones who preach the loudest about this issue are the ones who never consider adopting or even contributing to help the thousands of orphans in this state.

Adopt, offer to help, or shut the f*#* up!

Stick to football, dumbass.

PS: CBS should be sued. The Boston Globe cited a letter from CBS to the UCC:

In the letter from the CBS official to the United Church of Christ, the network said it refuses advertising that "touches on and/or takes a position on one side of a current controversial issue of public importance."

Soooo, abortion isn't a controversial issue? A Church that doesn't turn people away is?

Once again, f*^*cked up.

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