Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reid Should Step Down

He frankly should have stepped down a long time ago. He is a weak, pathetic leader. I have said repeatedly that I would prefer to have a 55 or 57 Dem Senate with a strong leader like Schumer or Feingold than a 60 majority with a weakling like Reid at the helm. The health care bill will be better than nothing, (which is all the GOP has to offer), but we gave up way more than we should have. It is inexusable to drop the public option AND keep the anti-trust exemption that allows competition (that was kept for Ben Nelson of Nebraska).

PS--That idiot GOPer Snowe could have stepped up, gotten the goodies for Maine that went to Nebraska, AND succeeded in killing the anti-trust exemption--but got nothing instead.

But by Reid stating up front that he would not even consider Reconciliation (requiring a simple majority) or changing the fillibuster rules, he allowed ALL 60 members of the caucus to be extortionists since they knew he needed EVERY SINGLE one.

He could have also made it clear that any Dem that fillibusters with the GOP would lose their chairmanship, their offices, and other perks. But that was never threatened either.

Essentially, his whole strategy was to be nice and beg every member--ask for anything and he would cave with no penalty. OF COURSE Lieberman was going to shred this--why wouldn't he? And the reform bill became a band-aid. Yes, there is some good things, like no pre-existing condition denial and help for millions who have no insurance: but real reform it is not. The insurance companies still have monopolies--and until that changes, don't call it reform.

Nancy corralled her people and got the majority needed-Reid surrendered before the battle, and the teeth of this legislation has been pulled.

I blame Reid. I knew he was weak when that idiot supported a GOP amendment attacking three years ago to appease them (why?). Even though Rush Limbaugh attacked our soldiers as "phony" soon afterwards-no amendment there.

He is weak, weak, weak. He should have stepped down years ago for the good of the party. So why the hell would I defend him now when he makes a RACIST comment?

Of course he should leave. Of course it's hypocritical for him to stay on after both Democrats and republicans demanded Trentt Lott to step down for praising segregationist Strom Thurmond.

PS--I don't give a damn if Obama and Jesse forgave him--who the hell appointed them spokespeople for an entire race? I get sick to my stomach when I hear that Reid called "black leaders" to ask forgiveness. Could you imagine if someone claimed to call "white leaders" to represent me? "Well, Ethan Hawke said it was we're good."

Now Democrats could make a bold statement and show real leadership if they removed him from his post. Hell, he's going to lose anyway. Reid trails ALL of his GOP opponents, and that was before this latest fiasco.

But Reid is not going too step down. We will have to wait until he loses the upcoming election for us to get the Senate leader we deserve.

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