Monday, November 02, 2009

Seminole Democrat's Election Endorsements 2009

Longwood Commissioner District 1: Bob Cortez. He's the challenger, and Holt hasn't done much.

Longwood Commissioner District 5: No endorsement.

Oviedo Mayor: Mary Lou Andrews. Darryl Lopez is a right-wing libertarian. We need less of those in Central Florida.

Oviedo Councilman Group 1: Judith Smith. She is the only African-American in any of the races this year. We need more of those in Central Florida--especially Oviedo.

Not to mention, if elected, she would be the first African-American to be elected in Oviedo's 84 year history.

Remember to vote tomorrow...Nov. 3rd.


  1. Libertarian =/= Right-wing

    Voting for someone based on race, huh? Sounds like 2008 presidential elections all over again.

  2. Not to mention Darrell Lopez is a Republican, not a Libertarian.

  3. Obama didn't win because of race.

    He won because he had fresh ideas, and was a refreshing change of competence and maturity that we lacked the past 8 years. After McCain's temper tantrums and that nutjob Palin, who couldn't even name one newspaper, the choice was clear.

    And Lopez himself said he was a Libertarian, even if he is registered Republican.

  4. How could you possibly be sure he didn't WIN because of race? I'm sure a significant number of votes for him were because he's black. Maybe you didn't vote for him for that reason, but someone did, and you are advocating voting based on race. It's ridiculous and you should recognize how big of a hypocrite that makes you seem.

  5. For my two cents, I am certain some voted for Obama because of race, and I am certain that many others voted AGAINST him because of race. In the end, it came down to who was the best candidate.

    John McCain supported Bush more and more in a misguided appeal to the conservative voters. The mood of the country..after experiencing the worst foreign policy, domestic policy, and economic disasters under Bush...was to run AWAY from another 4 years.

    THAT is why people voted for him. Here is an analysis you might find interesting from Nate silver:

    Finally, I noticed that some of Bialik's commenters focused on Obama's racial appeal. I'd like to remind them that the Democrats gained even more in elections for the House of Representatives (compared to 2004) than Obama gained on Kerry. The House gains just weren't so obvious because they were spread over two elections.

  6. Didn't Need the Endorsement8:56 PM, November 09, 2009

    Thanks for the non-endorsement, jackass! I won anyway!!