Friday, November 27, 2009

Crist and Sen. LeMieux Go After Corruption..Don't Need to Look Far..

Corruption is synonymous with Miami, yet finally Crist has called for a statewide grand jury to examine political corruption. Senator and Seat Warmer George Lemieux has chimed in and decried the "culture of corruption" in South Florida.

Maybe they should clean their own house first.

Miami Herald:
In the past decade, Rothstein -- a Broward lawyer who allegedly bilked investors over bogus legal settlements -- helped steer about $2 million in campaign contributions to political causes, committees and candidates, including Gov. Charlie Crist.

Scott Rothstein seemed to have an endless supply of money, and no one bothered to ask how he got it...including the new champions of anti-corruption.

LeMieux acknowledged he ``didn't understand how he [Rothstein] made all his money.''

The article explains that Scott Rothstein is more than a fundraiser, he is a close friend of both Crist and LeMieux. Rothstein attended LeMieux's swearing-in ceremony in September. He attended Crist's wedding reception--and Crist attended his. Ironically, Crist appointed Rothstein to a judicial nominating panel in Broward. (He was removed this week.)

But all is good when the corruption is benefiting you, I suppose:

``You don't look at someone who's generous and just criticize,'' said LeMieux, who also ran Crist's governor's campaign before taking the job with Crist.

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  1. I don't know who is worse, but we need a strong Dem candidate for governor.