Saturday, November 07, 2009

Local Business Attacks Health Care Reform

The veternarian clinic on Broadway in Oviedo has a sign up that says "Vote NO on Healthcare".

Brilliant. A Tea Party Veternarian. And apparently one stupid enough to think the best way to get his message to a representative is to advertise on a run-down sign in front of a dive.

To be perfectly clear, THOUSANDS of people here in Central Florida don't have insurance. They either don't have jobs, have crappy jobs that don't cover their expenses (although I know that can't be you, Mr. Tea Party Vet.), or have a pre-existing condition.

That means that their condition goes untreated until it gets so bad that they have to go to the emergency room and pray to get seen within 10 hours (which will afford them some time to figure out how to pay the inevitable bill).

That is, until you turn the magic age of 65. (DKos member Hunter put it best... 63 or 64? Socialism. 65? Oh, that's fine then.)

Someone who is this dispassionate about people should probably not be operating on your animal.


  1. what do expect, you live in Oviedo...God's armpit

  2. It serves no purpose to rundown the establishment's appearance just because you disagree with its stance. It takes away from your message, with which I happen to agree.

  3. Grow up...I wouldn't take my dog to a rundown establishment anyway, especially one that is run by a teabagger.