Monday, November 09, 2009

Suzanne Kosmas-D, FL-24, Just Lost Her Seat

Suzanne replaced Tom Feeney, the most corrupt, GOP Abramoff scandal-ridden politician in the House: and we were all so excited.

But yesterday, Suzanne said this was a "conscience" decision and that she voted NO because it wouldn't help rein in the costs of helath care. Yes, Suzanne, doing nothing and allowing insurance companies to have free reign is much better.

What irritates me the most is that this woman campaigned on health care reform. I guess she just wanted to ride the Obama's coattails.

Screw you.

The GOP is very happy about this...of course, Suzanne, they aren't going to vote for you. They will have their OWN conservative to run, thank you very much.

Independents overwhelmingly favor this bill with the public option...not sure why they would go for you next year either.

So that leaves the Democrats. YOUR BASE. The people who would actually campaign, donate money, work the phones, and VOTE. And you just pissed them off.

Here was my message to her:

Subject: Your disappointing vote on healthcare reform

Message Text: Mz. Kosmas, Why in God's name are you supporting the GOP effort to block desperately needed Healthcare Reform? We will never have this large a Dem majority and will never again get this chance. Let me be clear...if Democrats fail to deliver on reform that was promised, WE WILL STAY HOME next election. Appealing to conservatives is foolish..they will NOT vote for you! Independents want the public option, and won't reward you for doing nothing. THAT leaves your base. People like me who work for the Seminole Democrats, knock on doors, raise money, and work tirelessly to elect solid Democrats. What is the point if you are going to align with the GOP to shoot down signature legislation?!? If this bill comes back after conference, please rethink your decision, or you will have many loyal Dems like me rethinking ours.

Contact Kosmas with your own message:


  1. Dems will stay home period for voting on this bill that will bankrupt us. I am a damn proud independent, and I don't support this bill nor do I support one that would have universal healthcare. This bill is 100% unconstitutional... FOR A REASON.

  2. Idiot teabagger who has no idea what is in the Constitution. What is in the Constitution? I'm waiting?

    Oh, if you love it so much why do you want ot change it? You idiots say you want to repeal the 14th amendment, the 17th amendment, and the 8th amendment... and step on the heads of those who exercise the 1st amendment. So fuck you.