Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crist Rejects $444 million In Unemployment Help--Raises Taxes On Small Business

Thanks Charlie! Governor flip-flop, who is desperately trying to show conservatives he is one of them, joined with the Republican legislature and rejected $444 million from the stimulus for unemployment help. All because Charlie appeared with Obama and was given such a hard time about it by his right-wing buddies.

Oh, it gets better.

Because he and the GOP legislature rejected that needed money, the state announced that unemployment taxes on small businesses across the state are going up as much as 983%. You read that right...983%. That is how much small businesses are forced to pay since that idiot and his friends didn't take $444 million in stimulus dollars offered.

That is the largest tax increase in our State's history--coming from a "staunchly conservative" Legislature and State Executive, and at the worst possible time. High unemployment taxes on small business are the last thing our state needs when we are trying to encourage them to create jobs. What conservative principle is this again?

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