Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Rant on Babs West in the Orlando Sentinel

Because I've already been published just a little bit ago, and also know its usually bad form for news organizations to criticize each other's reporters--I figured the best way to get my point across on Babs in our local paper was in the 30-word rant section. Today's paper:

WFTV's Barbara West threw softballs to [John] McCain but compared Obama to Karl Marx. Are you applying for Fox News, Ms. West?

See the full story below.


  1. there's no way Barbara West could get a job at Fox News,'cause while she may indeed be qualified as a blonde right-wing nut job, she's way too old.

  2. Barbara West has embarrassed herself and our great city. Those won't tough questions, they were insulting questions based on discredited GOP talking points. After she asked Biden if Obama was a Marxist, I was expecting her to ask if he was a Muslim as well. Ignorant. Turns out her husband is a bigwig GOP consultant. Surprise, surprise.

    I'm glad Biden slammed her. He is no Palin--quick on his feet and knows the facts. But now this has been featured on national news and the late night comics--and everyone is talking about that "reporter from Orlando" or "reporter from Florida".

    You are a disgrace Ms. West