Sunday, November 09, 2008

No More Bush Bashing

The election is over.

It's time for us as Americans to come together and tackle this nation's problems.

I can't think of any benefit that will come by bashing McCain or George W. Bush. John McCain has given the most gracious concession speech I ever heard. I wondered if the outcome would be different if the American people were given the choice between Obama and the McCain we heard Tuesday night.

George W. Bush, in the tradition of his father, has been very gracious as well. He has gone above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition. His father set the standard when he offered to pick up Clinton on Air Force One after the election and pledged not to criticize him for a period of one year after he was sworn in. That became a nice tradition that once again made our nation the envy of the world. When candidates lose in other countries, they still fight----sometimes literally. Not here.

I will no longer be bashing George W. Bush. I am willing to allow history to be the judge.

I wish for healing, and my hope is that even though Barack Obama has large majorities in both the House and Senate, that he will govern in a bi-partisan fashion. Most good legislation is crafted with input from BOTH sides--and I fully expect the GOP and Obama to work together for the benefit of our nation.

I know that's asking a lot, but after Tuesday night, I truly do believe anything is possible


  1. Not over yet--Obama stole the election and when word gets out, McCain will swoop in!

  2. I will keep up the Bush criticisms until he is finally gone on January 20. I'd like to let it go after that, but the first time I hear a Republican wanting to impeach Obama for anything less than deceiving a nation into a war, outing a CIA agent to cover it up, commuting the sentence for a co-conspirator, and sanctioning torture during said needless war, I will get boiling mad.

  3. It is hard for me... Especially since a lot of right-wing nutjobs are trying to rewrite the legacy of what will no doubt be the WORST president in history--not to mention the obstruction of what Obama needs to do already in progress...

    I want to shake them and say--are you kidding me? You tolerated all that for 8 years and now you won't let Obama clean up YOUR mess??

    This is a promise I may not be able to keep...