Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Correction: Seminole County Purple, Not Yet Blue

My jubilation over Barack's victory here in Seminole County was premature. I based it on a story I heard on the radio--apparently it was breaking blue but the final tally wasn't in. Well, the Sentinel reports today that McCain received 104, 885 votes compared to 99,140 for Obama. That's a difference of 5, 745 votes. My apologies.

Nonetheless, considering that the difference between Bush and Kerry was a whopping 31,201 votes in our small county, I would say that I can no longer claim this is a "blood red" county. More of a pinkish-purple...

OK--we turned Florida and the USA blue. But Seminole, we still got some work to do.


  1. "The Seminole Democrat is a progressive political blog with the goal of returning Seminole County, the State of Florida, and this great Nation back to blue."

    Looks like we did it...

    Do you retire now?

  2. Where are your numbers from?

    McCain won by about 5800 votes, 50.9 to 48.12.