Saturday, November 22, 2008

Palin - Crist 2012

My friend Tally at FlaPolitics is asking people to email all the traditional state media political journalists and urge them to do two things: 1) Ask Charlie Crist if he supports a Palin presidential campaign in 2012 and 2) Ask Sarah Palin if, considering the importance of winning Florida in a presidential election, she would consider Crist as a VP choice.

Although he is asking that to stir up trouble, I actually wonder if this will actually be the GOP answer to Obama in 2012. Obama will be much more formidable than he was now: they won't be able to throw the inexperience factor at him, nor will they be able to stir up fears that he's "risky" since he would have run the country for 4 years. (Even doing a half-assed job, which he won't, would be a severe improvement).

But I think it's likely. The GOP is screaming about returning to their "roots", (i.e. right-wing extremism), and there is no one more right-wing extremist than Palin. Besides, she may be able to convince the party elders that she can claim the coveted "turn". Bob Dole was selected to go against Clinton in 1996, even though there were stronger candidates, because it was his "turn". He performed well ("proved himself") against Bush in 1988, lost but then became a big-Bush backer. It was his turn. McCain did the same thing--he performed well against Bush (w) in 2000, lost but then became a bigger-Bush backer.

I don't think Palin did well before she lost, but to hear right-wing pundits like Bay Buchannan and others, it was McCain who blew if for Palin. Palin "excited" her base and drew thousands. She should be the GOP leader, the argument goes. (And for once, I totally agree.)

The problem is that they keep trying to give her the torch, like they did with the GOP governor's conference speech, but she keeps fumbling. Having a moron is not a disqualifier (see W), they just need someone in the number #2 position to run the show. My idea is that the GOP will pick Palin in 2012, and Charlie Crist as the veep. Palin would be the extremist idiot in the top slot. As they learned from McCain, the GOP stays home unless there's an extremist on the top of the ticket. However, they need a semi-competent person to run things--and Charlie can fit that bill. His moderate persona, the thinking will go, should be enough to draw in others.

This isn't my thinking, mind you. Anything with Palin on it will fail miserably. And Charlie Crist is probably too smart to join a ticket like that. But he may realize that the GOP will NEVER allow him to be on the top of the ticket--a closet-gay Republican simply won't be asked to lead the party. Plus, he's way too moderate. He can't win the top of the ticket--he may figure this is the only shot he has.

Better hurry up and speculate, folks, only 1436 days to the next election!!

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  1. I would hate to be in the GOP position. Palin would win the primary but get creamed in the election. Jindal or Crist might have a shot, but would never win the primary.