Sunday, February 10, 2008

How pathetic is John McCain?!

I couldn't believe this headline on FAUXnews:

McCain Open to Rove's Advice, Cash

Maintaining that he does not hold any grudges from the 2000 GOP nomination fight, John McCain says that Karl Rove’s help and advice is welcome aboard the Straight Talk Express...

“They beat me (in 2000). I would certainly be happy to have them give us advice..... he has a very good, great political mind and any information or advice and counsel he could give us I would be glad to have,” he added.

Doesn't hold any grudges??

Rove is the architect behind the push-polls in South Carolina that attacked McCain's daughter. In case you forgot, John M. won New Hampshire in 2000. Rove decided to stop McCain in SC by organizing phone calls to ignorant, potential GOP voters that asked how they felt about McCain having a "black" daughter.

Although McCain's adopted daughter isn't black, the GOP voters were NOT ONLY ignorant enough to believe it, but actually think it even mattered. (Adopting outside your race? What's next?)

Despite W having nieces and nephews who are racially mixed, he obviously had no trouble with the smear. His puppet-master told him he would win at any cost. In one fell swoop, he smeared McCain's daughter while playing to people's prejudice and fear (a Bush administration trademark).

The most revolting thing? McCain threw a little temper tantrum, then proceeded to KISS BUSH's ASS for the next 8 years. He did this because he knew if he sucked up like a good little soldier, it would be his turn.

So what if he threw his OWN daughter under the bus? Maybe that coward doesn't consider her his own since she's adopted or isn't white. Or maybe he figures his own family can take one for the team. I can't understand how anyone would suck up to someone who thought your family was fair game.

(Remember that straw poll last year when he told people not to vote for him but to write in George Bush because he "needs" us? I almost threw up.)

And now, to accept cash from and SUCK UP to Rove, the very person who orchestrated the whole thing?

At least Hillary defended her own daughter when attacked by Schuster.

How can anyone trust John McCain to protect our nation when that coward won't even PROTECT HIS OWN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!


  1. McCain is pathetic

  2. I admire McCain - and I've read extensively about his family. You have no real basis for saying he doesn't protect his own family. You're just showing your own bias.