Monday, February 25, 2008

If Every Paper Endorses Tony Sasso....

Will the republicans who make up the majority of gerrymandered District 32 have the good sense to vote for the best candidate?

The two major papers that serve this District, the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today, have both handily endorsed Sasso as being one of the best candidates this district has seen: and both say that his GOP developer opponent is woefully unprepared:


Voters have a clear choice in Tuesday's election for House District 32: Democrat Tony Sasso.

Mr. Sasso has the experience and command of the issues facing the district made up mostly of Brevard County, including Kennedy Space Center and parts of east Orange including the communities of Vista Lakes, Lake Nona and Wedgefield.

The resignation of former state Rep. Bob Allen forced this special election, and we recognize Mr. Sasso will have a tough battle in this district, where Republicans far outnumber Democrats.

But Republicans ought to think before they vote the party line. Mr. Sasso's Republican opponent, Merritt Island builder Sean Campbell, is woefully unprepared to serve in Tallahassee. The other option, independent Jerry Maynard, is not a serious candidate.

Mr. Campbell lacks even the basic knowledge of how Florida's tax structure or its school system works. Such lack of knowledge would leave little hope he could be effective.

Mr. Sasso, on the other hand, served on the Cocoa Beach City Council for six years. During that time, he's been a champion of managed growth, and he has a plan to lure high-tech industry as the shuttle program winds down.

The Sentinel endorses Tony Sasso for state House District 32 in Tuesday's special election.

Excerpt from Florida Today:

  • He understands the public's tax revolt sentiment but also the impact tax cuts will have on local services and education -- an insight that would serve citizens well in Tallahassee.
  • He says the state must "get its act together" to help lure post-shuttle industries and jobs to Kennedy Space Center, and wisely wants the Legislature to create a public-private aerospace and high-technology investment fund.
  • He's a leader in environmental protection, pressing hard for growth management and passage of the Clean Oceans Act that would ban Port Canaveral gambling ships from dumping their waste off our coast.
  • He believes the Legislature must get tough with insurance companies that continue canceling policies, raising rates and dumping more risk on consumers through the state's catastrophe fund.

The other candidates in the race are Republican Sean Campbell of Merritt Island and Independent Jerry Maynard of Titusville.

Campbell, who runs a company that provides labor primarily for commercial and industrial construction, has a sincere desire to serve. But he has a troubling lack of knowledge about key issues such as creating space jobs, improving education and revising tax policy. He also believes the Legislature is exempt from the Sunshine Laws that guarantee open government and the public's access to it, which should worry everyone.

There's no way he's ready for Tallahassee.

And this is REALLY scary. This is what Sean Campbell recently said of bills he would sponsor if elected:

"Well, I'm sure you're all going to find this really hard to believe, but I really haven't given it a whole lot of consideration. I've been so focused on this race and winning this race."

If he wins, it will prove once and for all that GOP voters truly will vote lockstep for anyone with an (R) in front of their name, no matter the qualifications. Sometimes its essential to vote for the best person. I not only voted for, but volunteered to campaign for a republican candidate (Cindy Gennell) for mayor in 2002 AGAINST the incumbent Dem. Our city lost out on a great mayor.

I hope District 32 doesn't give up on the best qualified candidate they have for a uninformed wannabe. You would think that after "Bathroom Bob" Allen, the Grand old Party wouldn't try to put up another embarrassing candidate. But just like an established writer that gets lazy and will put out any piece of crap because he knows his fan base will buy it, they are banking on the GOP majority to take what they are given.

ON FEBRUARY 26, the day of the special election, I truly hope they prove them wrong.

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