Saturday, February 16, 2008

Creepy Picture of McCain..

Almost as creepy as a third Bush term...

Some "maverick". Hugging the man who let Rove smear his daughter. What a loser.

What's that you say? Not Bush's fault? He couldn't have known, no one tells him anything. McCain should just be mad at Rove.

Quote from John McCain:

I've always respected Karl Rove as one of the smart great political minds I think in American politics. I've always respected him. We never had any ill will after the initial South Carolina thing. After we had the meeting with President Bush we moved on. I've seen Karl Rove many times when I've been over at the White House. We've always had pleasant conversations.

A man who throws his own daughter under the bus does not deserve to lead this great country. Click here to help us stop this bastard: Stop the Third Bush Term

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