Monday, February 04, 2008

Just Go Away Nader

What a loser. He can't possibly win, but like Eugene McCarthy, will continue to run in every election.

I do agree that we need more than this ridculous two party system. But we need a charasmatic leader who can pull enough people from both sides to make a difference.

Nader aint' it. Never has been, and especially now.

He will take a few hard core liberals with him on this futile quest, but I don't think they would have voted for Clinton anyway. Obama, maybe.

What irritates me the most was Nader's smugness in talking to Wolf Blitzer. He said he was running to fight the corporate interests. In 2004, he accepted money from EVERYBODY, including the so-called "corporate interests" he railed against.

He took money from hate groups and anti-environmental groups. He refused to give any money back, telling his supporters that maybe they just really like him and want change.

NO, idiot. They were hoping you would be a spoiler like you were in 2004. Turns out that John Kerry didn't need help losing--his lack of response to the SwiftBoaters, his ban on attacks of W at his convention, and his refusal to spend over 14 million on election day was more than enough to cost the election. But like last time, you didn't help.

You have spent a lifetime fighting for righteous causes, and all of that has been blown out the window with your ego-driven quest that only helps the Republicans--although very insignificantly, but helps nonetheless.

This time no one will pay him notice. I just get irritated when I hear him blather about why he's doing this.

PS--And another thing, I owned a Corvair, and it was the best damn car I ever drove.

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