Friday, March 27, 2015

Rick Scott's SuperPAC Raises 700K, Even Though He Can't Run Again

Nothing shady going on here. Just taking a half million form the Chamber of Commerce and several industry political money machines. One of the Chamber's PAC, ironically named Florida Jobs Pac, only has three contributors: Publix, Disney, and our power company, Florida Power and Light. That last one really cheeses me because we have no say in who our power company is, how bad they treat us, or how much they can gouge us. FPL literally gives money to those who are supposed to be protecting us from high rates, so they can raise our rates, and in turn give the money to Rick Scott.

As shameful as that is, at least it was an election year last year. What is going on in March 2015? Is Rick running for a 3rd term? Nope, just special interests giving large amounts so money to a lame duck governor to remind him that he still runs the state. Amendment 1 is big in the news (mostly because Scott and the GOP are ignoring it) so let's run an ad on something else. Big Sugar, which stands to lose needed land they legally promised the state, won't mind throwing a few more bucks Rick's way so he can talk about how great the minimum wage job growth has been here.

There is no break from seeing Rick Scott's mug in the four months since the election ended. The money is wasted on shameless self-promotion: long commercials where he touts his made-up accomplishments and pretends to be good governor. At least his ads when he was running were entertaining. Here's a few good ones....

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  1. Possibly Scott plotting for a US Senate run. It might be amusing to see him try to blacken Bill Nelson's record.