Monday, May 19, 2014

PSA from FL House Rep: Common Core Will Make You Gay

#129 of My Stupid State

The following can be considered a public service announcement brought to you by Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant (do you really need to for me to tell you the party he's affiliated with?)

In a breaking development, it turns out that Common Core and its supporters are "promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda".

Yes, my fellow Floridians, that is just the kind of intellectual debate that is typical from our teabagging GOP lawmakers in Tallahassee. So threatcon normal.

But then he went on to say something crazy:

These people, that will now receive $220 million from the state of Florida unless this is stopped, will promote double-mindedness in state education and attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can. I'm sorry to report that to you."

See for yourself:

You might be asking yourself, how do you get as homosexual as you can? Is there some kind of gay meter?

Yes there is. You can be low-gay, elevated-level gay, and, if you work hard enough, severe gay. (Anything over that is Marcus Bachmann territory).

You might also be asking yourself, does this mean current GOP frontrunner for prez, one Mr. Jeb Bush, is promoting children to become as gay as possible?

Yes he is. He is so pro-Common Core/gay agenda he even defended it at an ALEC meeting!

Stay away from Jeb Bush at ALL COSTS!

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Florida GOP: Bigoted rednecks with legislative power can make a difference.

The more you know.

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