Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck=Pathetic Rodeo Clown

Telling your followers to change America and invest in a scheme called Goldline. Actually, he's not pathetic...he's rich. It's his broke, lemming followers who I'm blown away by. These anti-government rallies chant against all taxes and government interference in their daily lives ("but keep your hands off our Medicare!") and then bitch about the long waits to get back home on the (government-run) trains, saying that someone should have put more cars on duty for the rallies. They FIGHT LIKE HELL for tax cuts for the rich and de-regulation fo Wall-Street, but then bitch about paying for the infrastructure of this nation.

Glenn Beck actually said he is the new Martin Luther King. No, Glenn, You are a radio morning show DJ and self-described rodio clown. You are a scam artist.

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