Sunday, August 15, 2010

No More Crist Cronies!! (18th Judicial Circuit, Group 16)

Charlie Crist had some humdingers when he makes selections for important posts.

There is the one you all have heard about, of course...Jim Greer. Given his shady dealings, I predicted in 2006 that it would end badly, but even I was surpised about how badly.

Then there's the Senate pick. When Martinez left to lick his wounds, Uncle Charlie appointed personnel buddy, George Lemiuex, to be our sitting senator until next election. I guess the $200,000 bonus wasn't enough.

MY absolute favortie was this: Charlie picked a young dermatology assistant with NO EXPERIENCE to to head the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC). There were several qualified candidates who actually had credentials, but the young lady was the wife of Crist's General Counel. (Also, he needed someone closeby to help with his tan...that orange glow doesn't work itself folks.)

Which brings us to Judge Michael Rudisill. Crist appointed him to succeed James E.C. Perry, who was promoted to the Florida Supreme Court by Crist in March 2009. Michael Rudisill was the least experienced of six finalists nominated for the job. One finalist was a Florida attorney for 38 years, another for 20.

Michael Rudisill had 7 well as a lack of civil court experience. While his more qualified opponents wasted time getting references from judges and lawyers, Rudisill picked right-wing legislators.

Lucky for Rudisill, the judicial nominating committee included right-winger Chris Dorworth's wife and the Seminole County GOP chair Jason Brodeur...both appointed by Crist no less. Rudisill was picked handily.

Loyal party activists get rewarded in politics...that is reality. But I have a REAL ISSUE when the reward is a position on the bench. The Orlando Sentinel is calling for voters to fix this mistake.

To be fair, although I am disgraced by HOW Judge Rudisill attained the position, I cannot comment on his tenure in the court room. For a formal endorsement, I would have to inteview both candidates and watch them in action. Since I cannot do that, I am providing links to both candidates sites. Review them carefully and draw your own conclusion:

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