Saturday, September 04, 2010

Good Match: Scott's Running Mate Has Ethics Problems Too

No, Jennifer Carroll didn't defruad Medicare recipients, swindle taxpayers, or sit on a board of directors at a company that Iran and Saudi Arabia used to suppress the internet like her running mate, Rick Scott. She's not THAT bad.

But she was busted with a fake degree from a diploma mill, which is a crime in several states. Of course, not Florida.

Match made in teabagger heaven.

1 comment :

  1. "Destroy the name of innocent people"--RIIIGGHT...

    Any idiot should be able to figure out if their school is regionally accredited before they spend money on a diploma. She showed poor judgment getting the diploma and it was fraudulant to use it. Period.

    But that is nothing compared to her new boss. I suppose Rick Scott, who enriched himself by defrauded thousands of elderly taxpayers, is a victim of a "librl" smear campaign.

    You teabaggers have a low bar when it comes to ethics. No surprise when your leader is a scam artist: