Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Time for Corrine Brown To GO! Endorsement of Scott Fortune!

Corrine Brown sold us out. She joined the GOP legislature in their quest to "bleach" the surrounding districts by cramming in as many Democrats as possible into District 3. Although this gaurantees a GOP loss in Corrine's district, it allows for a maximum number of GOPers in the surrounding gerrymandered districts.

This has led to a very lopsided, right-wing state government in a state where Democrats far outnumber republicans. It's incumbents picking voters instead of the other way around.

Corrine doesn't care. Fair representation in Florida may mean she isn't gauranteed a seat in District 3.

Corrine Brown filed a lawsuit against you, trying to get the Florida Supreme Court to remove Amendments 5 and 6 from the ballot.

When that failed, Corrine Brown then joined ALL the GOP legislators into instituting Amendment 7. Whereas hundreds of thousands of signatures of citizens put 5 and 6 on the ballot...the right-wing legislature (and Corrine) tried to put an amendment so deceptively worded that it would have nullified Amendments 5 & 6.

Thankfully, the courts struck this power play down.


Vote Scott Fortune:

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  1. Here is a short clip shot near Sanford from a video Fortune made about gerrymandering: