Friday, June 13, 2008

Words on Oil to Forward to Every Congressman and Senator

I hate Neil Cavuto. But I hate more that I agree with him. He is responsible for the below tirade:

1. Stop the political grandstanding. And this goes for Democrats and Republicans. You're both to blame. Now, both do something.

2. Democrats, stop this nonsense about not looking for more oil here. We have it here. Let's drill for it here. It hardly means we're going to destroy every tree, spotted owl, and polar bear while we're doing it here.

3. Republicans, stop protecting energy companies with billions in subsidies they don't need and tax credits they don't deserve. It's one thing to say don't tax their profits, but don't tax my patience. They're doing fine on their own.

4. Democrats, quit picking and choosing what energy alternative you want. Pick them all, explore them all — solar, wind, nuclear, and yes oil. Jump ball. Have at it.

5. Republicans, stop resisting conservation. You look clueless and frankly, stupid, opposing simple step solutions to saving energy. Because here's a news flash: we need to save energy.

6. And this is for Democrats and Republicans. We know you each blame each for not exploring for oil, the other for not exploring options to oil. Get over it, get on with it, explore for it, all of it, all here, all now.

Demagoguing the issue won't solve the issue. Working together just might. I want to see you doing so now. There's hell to pay on this show if you do not.

You have been warned.

Being a Democrat means thinking for yourself, and for me that means sometimes taking the best ideas from BOTH parties for a comprehensive solution. We have a real energy crisis. The GOP wants to drill for oil we already have here, and the Democrats want to conserve and seek alternative energy sources.

Why the hell can't we do BOTH?

The outrage here in Florida was drilling MILES off the coast for oil. I don't get this. There hasn't been an oil spill even after drilling stations were damaged with massive hurricanes. We have no trouble allowing huge antiquated tanker ships to come to our ports--which is much more likely to spill. And the drilling will be so far off shore you will not be able to see them without a telescope.

No, we can't dig our way out--but it makes sense for us to be as self-sufficient as possible. And we can allow the oil companies to drill here in return for generous subsidies to our state. It's WIN-WIN.

In addition to drilling here, we should also be putting wind turbines out to sea. We should be leading the nation in solar, wind, and tide energy.

WE should be doing everything we can to solve this energy crisis, which is only going to get worse.

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