Thursday, June 19, 2008

GAMETIME: Try to find McCain at

Go on -- try to find him:

He's nowhere.

Of course, Barack Obama is EVERYWHERE. No less than 7 pictures on the front page alone. Every story is on Obama, every headline is Obama, there is countdown clocks on Obama, there is "meet Barack Obama"--my God, it's like someone stumbled on the Democratic site.

Now compare:

Notice a difference?

Not really. Everywhere there is Obama! Not nearly as many pictures and articles, but he's there!

Maybe that's because we are genuinely PROUD of our candidate. Maybe because our candidate has something to talk about and share--

Not just Fears and Smears, which seem to be the GOP's ENTIRE platform.

What does McCain stand for? Good luck finding that on There is one small icon on "climate change". Everything is Obama this and Obama that. You won't even be able to see what a John McCain looks like--but maybe that's intentional:

The McCain camp doesn't even feature McCain in their sad promotional videos. My diary yesterday featured the "exclusive tour" of his Straight Talk Express ala "Cribs" -- Click here if you can stomach it. As always, no McSame.

I really feel for the GOP. Really I do. I can't blame them for not featuring McCain. He's just not that popular. You can't feature the president, or the vice president either. (that would be suicide!)

Who can you feature? The only one in politics who is popular I suppose.

Barack Obama!!

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