Thursday, June 19, 2008

Learn to USE Veep-Hungry Crist

I wrote to the Sentinel after they had a legnthy editorial bashing him for changing positions on oil-drilling the SAME DAY McCain did.

I recommended to the editor there that they simply make a list of everything they are crowing about (red-light cameras, car boot laws, light rail, etc.), and ask McCain to list a few of those next time they interview him. I promise you'll see Governor Sock Puppet swing into action.



  1. Worse thing you can hope for is Crist has to dig himself out of the mess he created.

  2. I wonder how this will effect his popularity in the state. In an effort to get the VP job he may have ironically made it more difficult for the GOP to win Florida. At least I hope so. I look forward to seeing some polls. Next move for Crist, getting married. To a woman.

  3. Can’t realistically imagine McCain selecting anyone other than Palin as his Veep!

  4. Mac Pick Palin Veep BEFORE Hil Campaigns w/Obama!

    In addition to her overwhelming attraction on the oil/energy issue and the female/disaffected Hillary voters, her human interest story will generate millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity and media coverage — essentially free to the McCain campaign — more than offsetting Obama’s reported money advantage.

  5. Obama has this in the bag, Mr. Ted. This game is his to lose.

    The Hillary dissatisfaction vote never materialized--McCain is no friend of women (the GOP views them little more than incubators). McCain has an uphill battle.